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The Oakland Motorcycle Club was organized in 1907 and has been active ever since. We have members of all ages and motorcycles of all makes and models.

      In 2007, the OMC celebrated 100 years of continuous operation as an organization dedicated to supporting the sport of motorcycle riding. We are the fourth oldest such club in the nation. We hold AMA charter number 72.


      The OMC's male and female members are a diverse group who own a wide variety of motorcycles, including street, dualsport, and dirt bikes. Total membership, including honorary life members, numbers about 80.


      We have a variety of riders on every type of bike. Some of our members have relatives who have been in the club for many generations. We are all passionate about motorcycles and riding.


      OMC members used their own money and labor and cash from fundraising events to acquire and build our clubhall. The structure was completed in 1983, and a major expansion was carried out in 2006.


      All of the club's activities are strongly supported by a women's auxiliary (OMCA).


      Regular club meetings are held every Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. Guests are welcome.


Greater Vancounver Motorcycle Club

      The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club of Canada has been our sister club since 1978. We have a Halfway Run every other August when we meet with them in Oregon and spend a great weekend enjoying their company and great rides in the area.


                                      We are, and always have been, avid supporters of the AMA, Blue Ribbon Coalition, and other motorcycle advocacy groups. The club has a long tradition of organizing and participating in all types of motorcycle events, including enduros, hillclimbs, track racing, and long-distance tours.


The OMC hosts three public events each year, as follows:

  • The Tree Ridge Run is a friendly July afternoon poker run from the OMC Clubhall through the East Bay hills and back to the OMC Clubhall.
  • The Sheetiron 300 Dualsport is a fun May ride from Stonyford to Fort Bragg and back over two days and about 300 miles of trails and backcountry roads.
  • The Jackhammer Enduro in October is a one-hundred mile competitive event in the Mendocino National Forest out of Fouts Springs, California.

      In addition to these events, our calendar is filled with rides coordinated by our members. We have a variety of fun trips, from dualsport backcountry trips undefined to local, one-day street rides undefined to epic adventures of two weeks or more.


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